Nexus Automotive Ukraine, as a member of the global community Nexus Automotive International, implements programs for the development of the highest standards for the organization of business stations and retail stores for our partners. Through our partner, the company Autofastera, we launched a loyalty program for the development of the business of auto shops and services for commercial vehicles.

The purpose of the programe:
Efficiency – to provide our partners with quality spare parts and other automotive products at affordable prices.
Quality without compromise – is our priority in customer service. We introduce through our partners standards of quality service, based on modern technologies in the field of auto service.

Innovations – to introduce in our network of partners modern tools and technologies that allow us to solve the most complex tasks. Thanks to cooperation with innovative enterprises, we accelerate our development.

Rules that we follow:

  • Honesty – honesti, loyalty and ethical in all situations.
  • Independence – free control, support and influence of the workshop
  • Training – continual skills and knowledge development
  • Expertise – quality and reliable repair


 Advanteges of the programme:

  • Develop of a network of independent auto services and auto shops
  • Design of our partners in accordance with international standards by advertising with N! Auto branding, promotionofN!AutoGaragesandShopsontheinternetandsocialnetworks.
  • To enter an international workshop network providing solutions, innovation and expertise – bringing business and service opportunities
  • Training program from leading manufacturers of spare parts, oils, accumulators and other suppliers of automotive goods
  • Loyalty program for participants, services and shops
  • To benefit from an international assistance and complete fleet management service
  • Possibility of obtaining equipment for the volume of purchase as an investment
  • International Assistants
  • Access to information and products from more than 80 suppliers
  • World Recognition, which allows you to pre-position your service station or store
  • Certification of outlets
  • Participation in the annual All-Ukrainian Business Forum, which allows you to share experience with other service providers and global suppliers, participate in educational programs
  • To provide with special clothes of service technicians
  • To expand new business lines


Similar programs operate around the world. In Europe, partners of the program N! Auto Service Station has more than 250 service stations, of which about 50 in Poland.

Our ambitious tasks for 2020 to assemble in Ukraine under the colors N! Auto hundreds of service stations and stores.


Join our program!

NexusTruck Service
Truck Service Name Address Phone 1  E-mail Web
V.I.O. Truck Service Kyiv. str Autoparkova, 7 38 096 824 78 78
SINTA-GROUP Kyiv region, v. Schastlivoe, Lesia Ukranka str. 25 38 067 327 96 08 
Tayfun Service Kyiv region, Kopyliv vil, Mira str. 4B 38 067 362 45 45
Tir DOK Melitopol, Zaporizhzhya region, Ivana Alekseeva str, 27 38 067 613 74 45
Auto Diesel Service Melitopol, Zaporizhzhya region, Kahovskoe Hiway, 2   38 067 611 18 24
Zacarpat Euro Trans Mukachevo, 1A Sviato-Mychaylivska str. 38 095 836 67 43
Сar Service Zaporizhia, North Hiway 3G   38 095 235 99 16
Micro Trans Service Zaporizhia, Kosmodemianskoi str. 8а    38 067 618 58 27
NexusTruck Shop
Truck Shop Name Address Phone 1  E-mail Web
Global Auto (Autofastera) Cherkasy, 30-richchya Peremohy str. 22  38 067 511 58 08 
Global Auto (Autofastera) Chernivtsi, Vasyl Lesin str., 1 38 067 151 17 11 
Global Auto (Autofastera) Dnipro, Svobody pr, 78 38 067 576 24 69 
Global Auto (Autofastera) Kharkov, Moskovsky Avenue, 96 38 097 397 84 69 
Global Auto (Autofastera) Mycolaiv, Kosmonavtiv str. 81/24 38 067 411 38 09 
Global Auto (Autofastera) Poltava, Kharkivske Higway 4/15 38 067 215 13 57 
Global Auto (Autofastera) Vinnitsa, Akademika Yangelya str. 4 38 067 215 13 59 
Global Auto (Autofastera) Zaporizhia, Akademika Amosova str. 109 38 067 546 54 76