In December 2016, the Group of Companies – Leaders in the Automotive Industry founded a new company – Nexus Automotive Ukraine LLC to stimulate business development for the partners of the largest procurement and trade alliance Nexus in Ukraine.

Nexus Automotive Ukraine (NAU) is a new alliance, aimed to increase the competitiveness of companies operating in the regional distribution market of spare parts.

NAU is a regional representative of the global procurement group NEXUS Automotive International (N!), currently represented in 127 countries.

The main purpose of NAU is to create additional value and opportunities for further development for our members in the supply of automotive parts and in the supply chain.

The successful activity of NAU during these years is highly appreciated on the international level.

We pay a lot of attention to the support of N! strategic initiatives in the Eastern European region, including the NEXUSAuto and NEXUSTruck concept development, as well as the N! Academy training platform to consolidate purchases from NEXUS suppliers.

We believe that strengthened cooperation between members and suppliers will provide unique opportunities for development and increase of competitiveness for all project participants.

Advantages of partnership with NAU:

  • NAU is a fully transparent and well-organized structure created to provide better quality and business opportunities for key N! partners to operate on a highly competitive market.
  • Great opportunities to create an entirely new level of communication with potential suppliers and to establish business relationships with current suppliers.
  • Ability to significantly expand the range of contacts with members of the alliance from other countries, thus expanding the scope of their opportunities in terms of exchange of experience, as well as organization of product supply.
  • Access to new knowledge and advanced business tools.
  • Actual information on new developments on the auto parts market.
  • A shared vision of business and comprehensive support for business development
  • Financial stability and reliable reputation on the market
  • Best cooperation terms from suppliers for Partners of the Community
  • Communication with distributors of spare parts worldwide.

Our partners have become leading distributors of spare parts for cars and trucks, such as AutoTrade Company, AUTOFASTERA Truck Parts Group, Auto Standart Group (ASG), Bastion (Spetsavtotehnika – M), Strans.